My Virginian Railway operates under the Timetable and Train Order (TT & TO) system. There are eight scheduled trains on the timetable - four First Class freights and four Second Class freights. Not shown on the timetable are eight extras, such as coal trains and local freights, that the dispatcher may call as needed.

I patterned the timetable after an actual Virginian employee timetable, using Adobe Illustrator on my computer to create the artwork. It consists of four 9" x 3¾" panels, for an unfolded size of 9" x 15". I print the timetables on a color inkjet printer capable of handling 11" x 17" paper.

The front and back covers are printed on half of one side of the paper, and the train schedule is on the other half. When folded into four panels, the timetable can be opened like a book to expose just the two panels with the schedule.

The second side of the paper is sort of a crib sheet containing general information about the model railroad. It's completely hidden unless an operator unfolds the timetable a second time, to expose all four panels. I feel this is a good way to keep the "model railroad thoughts" as unobtrusive as possible.

Sample Copy

Here is a sample copy of the timetable in Adobe Acrobat format, reduced to fit on legal-size paper, 8½" x 14". Right-click on the link, then save the file to your hard drive, where you can open and print it at your leisure. Print the second page on the back of the first sheet, then fold according to the folding instructions on the third page.

Here are the back and front covers.

The schedule is simplified from the actual Virginian version, and shows the fictitious Fifth and Sixth subdivisions as well as the real Third subdivision.

Timetable Schedule

These are the key parts of the schedule:

This is the timetable interior (crib sheet).

Timetable Schedule