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Humor to Brighten Your Day

Too much pretty face, not enough elbow

Dentist's office, Richmond, Virginia, 2016

Maybe the graphics artist preparing this poster was distracted by the model's pretty face. Let's hope that lump on her elbow is benign!

TV Anachronisms

Don't you hate it when a television "documentary" includes photos or video completely out of place for the era or the location?

Travel Channel, December, 2016

In a World War II documentary, the Travel Channel showed a soldier aiming a flintlock firearm! Does the Travel Channel think no one will notice this? Or not notice the mechanism is on the left side, and the soldier has the firearm against his left shoulder?

Percussion firarms superceded flintlocks by the late 19th century. It's safe to say that no flintlocks were used in WWII.

At least they got the helmet right.

Fox News Channel, December, 2016

Look carefully at this mid-1700s Boston dramatization. Samuel Adams and his friend just stepped into the street from a concrete sidewalk with a curb! And what's with that tree planted so carefully in its own space in the sidewalk?

Unfortunate TV Backgrounds

Fox News Channel, February 21, 2014

You'd think the producer or cameraman might notice the building in the background makes the man being interviewed resemble an Egyptian pharaoh.

Fox News Channel, May 13, 2016

Friday the 13th at work! This reporter's hair mimics the ceiling trusses at Washington's Reagan National Airport.

Has Anyone Seen Carl?

Rural humor, Central Virginia, 2010.

Welcome Home!

Ashland, Virginia, 2001

Gutter Maintenance

Two items on the same page in a mailorder catalog, 2001

Hello? Hello?

Richmond, Virginia, 2000 – 2007

This is a real telephone, used like this daily in a real office.

How did the coiled handset cord become entangled with the flat wall cable?


Dry-clean my what???

Richmond, Virginia, 2007


Penalty? There's a penalty?

Dulles Airport, Northern Virginia, 1971

Child Care Signs

Out in the country where we live, it's not uncommon for people to offer child-care services in their homes. One can only hope that the quality of the care is better than some of the signs might suggest.


The sign on the left appeared in the spring of 2004. By fall, the ravages of weather had trashed it, so a new sign was nailed to the post - above the ruins of the original!

The Ultimate Boom Box

Richmond, Virginia, 1994

This fellow must be in seventh heaven. He's got a monster boom box, a shopping cart to carry it, a radio antenna, and the mother of all power sources. Yes, that's an automobile battery on the bottom of the cart! Some people must really like their music.


Updated April 19, 2017