Electronic Kits for Model Railroaders


Keep time on your model railroad at speeds from 1:1 to 16:1. One controller runs up to 15 clocks with easily modified quartz movements.

Select a track then push a button. The staging yard controller automatically aligns the turnouts for the selected track and applies power to it, then monitors your train's movement into or out of the yard. When the train is clear of the throat, track power is shut off. LEDs mounted in a control panel or installed in a trackside signal display the staging yard status.

The staging yard controller must know when any part of the train is in the yard throat. The best way to detect this is to bounce a laser beam across the entire throat with mirrors, and onto a photocell. This kit powers two lasers and has two photocell detectors, so it can monitor two independent staging yards.

Updated September 7, 2016